Why Gacha

What are Gacha capsule toys?

"Gacha gacha,” “gachapon,” and “gashapon,” are all names Japanese people have coined for the country's popular capsule vending machines and toys. While originally used in the United States to sell peanuts, chocolate, candy, and toys, the vending machines appeared in Japan in 1965, selling erasers in the shapes of cars, sumo wrestlers, and other kid-friendly designs.

This was followed in the 1980s by a large boom in sales of collectible erasers based on the popular anime series Kinnikuman, thereby establishing the machines as a permanent part of Japanese pop culture. Since that time, capsule toys in Japan have expanded across generations of customers eager to crank the handle, and have even been successfully used for retail marketing promotions, tradeshows, and expos.

Why Gacha?

To help solve our wholesale customers’ challenges of raising the average revenue per customer, we have developed a variety of products to meet the needs of many industries.

Attracting customers with unique and popular toys is one way, but in addition to products aimed at children, we are also actively launching many products designed for adult tastes. We have many products that are ideal for corporate sales promotions and business campaign events for industries such as car dealerships, dental clinics, restaurants, real estate, and more.

In many cases, our current customers’ sales have noticeably increased by utilizing the products and services that we provide.

Amuse Inc. is Japan’s leader of gacha-related products making us the best choice for overseas companies looking to partner with a reliable capsule toy manufacturer and distributor. Not only can you trust in the quality of our offerings, but as the largest provider of gacha gacha machines and products in our industry, we can also assist you in solving business-related issues such as finding new customers, creating repeat customers, increasing sales, and raising awareness.

We are confident in recommending the addition of gacha gacha as a reliable sales promotion tool for your company.

What's the Gacha?

Gachagacha is a generic capsule vending machines and capsule toys. Gachapon, also known as the Gashapon. Beginning has been said that was born as a vending machine to perform a peanut sales in the United States. Then, now chocolate and candy, and toys, etc. are also sold.

Appeared in Japan 1965, eraser, such as a super car and sumo wrestlers had been primarily sold. Then, it takes place a large boom in the sale of kinkeshi, is currently in the sale numerous trade for adults as well as children-friendly. In addition also appeared Gacha machine for promotional turning around with a dedicated medal as well as vending machine sales of capsule toys, it is also used in promotional and campaign of the company.

The merit of introduction

price tag


Because our machines are affordable and reliable, you can quickly recoup your investment and continue bringing in revenue.

easy to manage

Easy to manage

Simply refill the machine; no cleaning or maintenance necessary.

wide range of use

Wide range of use

Use the machines for in-store sales promotions in addition to quickly growing your retail offerings.

Profit from the Latest Trends

Profit from the Latest Trends

Always keep your products fresh based on customer interests and seasonal changes.


Amuse Inc. has built a reputation in Japan as an all-in-one source for capsule machines and toys, from development to manufacturing and sales. This gives us an edge over competitors with unique, original products that meet the needs of your target customers.


Development We actively create fun and innovative products featuring Japan’s unique taste for cute and surreal characters.


Manufacturing By keeping product development in-house, we are able to ensure the highest quality and fastest delivery for our wholesale customers. 


Sales Our warehouse in Japan is equipped to efficiently process and ship to all sizes of businesses around the world.

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