Delivery area

We ship worldwide. However, there are some locations we are unable to ship packages. If we cannot ship to your location, we will promptly contact you. Some products are unable to ship to certain locations due to licensure laws.

Shipping method

All orders are shipped by Express Mail Service (EMS) or FedEx or DHL. We are unfortunately unable to offer any other shipping options. Please note that EMS, FedEx,DHL service may not be available to all countries.

Your order's shipping address can be updated through the "Update shipping info/payment method" link on your My Account page. Please keep in mind that updating your address through the "Modify account information" link will not automatically update the shipping address for all your orders. Please update your orders individually and do not authorize payment for in-stock orders until you have received a new invoice with the new address displayed. Orders that are in the process of shipping or have been shipped cannot be modified.

If a package is returned to us due to an incorrect shipping address, we will request the customer cover shipping charges for re-delivery. Shipping updates generally cannot be made after an order is paid for. If you are concerned about this, even a little, please contact us through our inquiry form before shipping.

Shipping costs

EMS Shipping Method: All prices shown below are in Japanese yen (JPY).

Package Weight China, South Korea, Taiwan Asia (excluding China, South Korea, Taiwan) Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe U.S. (including Guam and other U.S. territories) Central and South America (excluding Mexico), Africa
Up to 0.5kg ¥1,450 ¥1,900 ¥3,150 ¥3,900 ¥3,600
Up to 0.6kg ¥1,600 ¥2,150 ¥3,400 ¥4,180 ¥3,900
Up to 0.7kg ¥1,750 ¥2,400 ¥3,650 ¥4,460 ¥4,200
Up to 0.8kg ¥1,900 ¥2,650 ¥3,900 ¥4,740 ¥4,500
Up to 0.9kg ¥2050 ¥2,900 ¥4,150 ¥5,020 ¥4,800
Up to 1.0kg ¥2,200 ¥3,150 ¥4,400 ¥5,300 ¥5,100
Up to 1.25kg ¥2,500 ¥3,500 ¥5,000 ¥5,990 ¥5,850
Up to 1.5kg ¥2,800 ¥3,850 ¥5,550 ¥6,600 ¥6,600
Up to 1.75kg ¥3,100 ¥4,200 ¥6,150 ¥7,290 ¥7,350
Up to 2.0kg ¥3,400 ¥4,550 ¥6,700 ¥7,900 ¥8,100
Up to 2.5kg ¥3,900 ¥5,150 ¥7,750 ¥9,100 ¥9,600
Up to 3.0kg ¥4,400 ¥5,750 ¥8,800 ¥10,300 ¥11,100
Up to 3.5kg ¥4,900 ¥6,350 ¥9,850 ¥11,500 ¥12,600
Up to 4.0kg ¥5,400 ¥6,950 ¥10,900 ¥12,700 ¥14,100
Up to 4.5kg ¥5,900 ¥7,550 ¥11,950 ¥13,900 ¥15,600
Up to 5.0kg ¥6,400 ¥8,150 ¥13,000 ¥15,100 ¥17,100
Up to 5.5kg ¥6,900 ¥8,750 ¥14,050 ¥16,300 ¥18,600
Up to 6.0kg ¥7,400 ¥9,350 ¥15,100 ¥17,500 ¥20,100
Up to 7.0kg ¥8,200 ¥10,350 ¥17,200 ¥19,900 ¥22,500
Up to 8.0kg ¥9,000 ¥11,350 ¥19,300 ¥22,300 ¥24,900
Up to 9.0kg ¥9,800 ¥12,350 ¥21,400 ¥24,700 ¥27,300
Up to 10.0kg ¥10,600 ¥13,350 ¥23,500 ¥27,100 ¥29,700
Up to 11.0kg ¥11,400 ¥14,350 ¥25,600 ¥29,500 ¥32,100
Up to 12.0kg ¥12,200 ¥15,350 ¥27,700 ¥31,900 ¥34,500
Up to 13.0kg ¥13,000 ¥16,350 ¥29,800 ¥34,300 ¥36,900
Up to 14.0kg ¥13,800 ¥17,350 ¥31,900 ¥36,700 ¥39,300
Up to 15.0kg ¥14,600 ¥18,350 ¥34,000 ¥39,100 ¥41,700


Customers may be required to pay customs fees when receiving foreign shipments and we ask that customers please keep this in mind when placing an order. We unfortunately has no control over any fees/taxes levied by your country's government. We are by law unable to undervalue shipments or mark them as "Gift," and therefore cannot fulfill any such requests to do so. All orders are marked as "Merchandise" with the full value of the contents written on an invoice attached to the outside of the parcel. We are unfortunately unable to put invoice documents inside parcels, or ship orders without an invoice.

Please understand that some countries may require that parcels be opened for customs inspection. We cannot be held responsible for any actions taken by customs officials, and we are unable to provide compensation or replacements for any items lost, seized, or damaged during inspection.

Shipment tracking

Online tracking is available for all shipping methods and can be checked at the following URLs.


Please understand that the online tracking status may not always be up to date. We have no control over the delivery of parcels and we are therefore unfortunately unable to answer any questions relating to parcel delivery status. Please contact your local post office or FedEx or DHL for more information.

Shipping limitations

Not all shipping methods may be available for all orders. Some countries do not offer EMS or FedEx or DHL, and there are size and weight limitations for EMS.


All sales are final and returns are not accepted. Some parcels may be returned to us due to being unclaimed, failure to pay import fees, etc. We will contact customers to arrange reshipment if their parcel is returned to us. Reshipment fees and returned fees will be required to send the order again. Please note that items will be re-shipped in the same condition as they are returned to our store. Shipping fees are non-refundable.