Zoo Shares Inventive Way to Let Visitors Feed the Animals

Facility name: Zoo
Term: From November of 2017


(1) What is the reason for your import? (What purpose will the gachapon serve?)
We want my customers to have fun while feeding the animals.

(2) Why did you decide to use gachapon?

1. Customers can have more fun with the gachagacha.
2. Reduction of labor.

(3) Why did you decide to buy from Amuse?

Because this store can ship products internationally. The product I want is cheap, and the shipping fee is decent.

(4) Please tell us how your gacha import has affected your business. *In terms of sales, reception, clientele

Sales: Didn't improve (because I'm only using it for feeding the animals). I just wanted to make it fun to feed the animals by having people feed them with gacha capsules. Reception: Good. It's attracted quite a lot of attention.

Clientele: Families, couples.
Other: I put one day's worth of food in the gachagacha, so the labor cost hasn't been influenced.

(5) What do you, as the importer, think about the gacha capsules?

I can only put out one day's worth of feed. But the feed is just a treat for the animals, and the children enjoy using the capsules, so in the end, I'm glad I purchased them.

(6) If you can, please tell usabout your customers' reaction to the gacha capsules.

When they see the capsules, they say, "What's this?" and they get interested.


Products ordered by the customer in this case study

Name: Gacha Cube
Contents: Animal feed
Capsule: Available (unspecified name) *The container is left nearby, and a customer can collect it and reuse it.


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