Restaurant's Unique Offering Increases Kid's Menu Sales by 150%

Facility name: Restaurant
Term: From January of 2016


(1) What is the reason for your import? (What purpose will the gachapon serve?)

  • I've been searching for a way to make the customers' children in the overseas restaurants happy.
  • My restaurant is in a shopping mall, so I want to distinguish it from the other restaurants.

(2) Why did you decide to use gachapon?

Because Amuse is reputable in Japan.

(3) Why did you decide to buy from Amuse?

The company is a pioneer for treating gachagacha in Japan as extras (sales promotion) for the kid's menu.

(4) Please tell us how your gacha import has affected your business. *In terms of sales, reception, clientele

Sales: Kid's menu increased by 150%.
Clientele: I think a lot of my customers like using the machine over and over.
Other: Families with kids.

(5) What do you, as the importer, think about the gacha capsules?

Happy to see the children enjoying using the gachagacha. It is especially good because none of the other restaurants have one.

(6) If you can, please tell usabout your customers' reaction to the gacha capsules.

The kids are happy to be able to use the gachagacha when they get their order.


Products ordered by the customer in this case study

Name: GachaCop
Contents: Gacha for Boys & Girls (assortment of toys)
Capsule: A set of products with Gacha for Boys & Girls


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