Spa Increases Membership by 15% in 30 Days with Gachapon

(1) What is the reason for your import? (What purpose will the gachapon serve?)

I want to get more frequent customers.

(2) Why did you decide to use gachapon?

It will attract children and thus their parents. Having a gachapon seemed to fit the bill, and it's easy to import.

(3) Why did you decide to buy from Amuse?

I called their support and we had a good discussion on the pros and cons of the machine.

(4) Please tell us how your gacha import has affected your business. *In terms of sales, reception, clientele

Sales: Better because I've got more repeat customers.
Clientele: My membership increased 15 percent within a month.
Other: There are more families coming in with their little children.

(5) What do you, as the importer, think about the gacha capsules?

The gachas themselves are simple items. We like that we can make up our own ideas and improve on them!

(6) If you can, please tell usabout your customers' reaction to the gacha capsules.

They love it! The adults like it when we put coupons in the gachas on the weekends.

Facility name: Relaxation-spa in Japan
Term: From December of 2015



Products ordered by the customer in this case study

Name: GachaCop L
Contents: Gacha for Boys & Girls
Capsule: None


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