How a Gachapon Lottery Improved a Movie Theater's Customer Satisfaction

Facility name: Movie Theater
Term: From January of 2019


(1) What is the reason for your import? (What purpose will the gachapon serve?)
I've been meaning to start selling goods in my mini theater. I want to give it a try.

(2) Why did you decide to use gachapon?

I wanted something that operates similarly to a lottery, so I figured having a gacha machine, with its unpredictability, would be nice.

(3) Why did you decide to buy from Amuse?

It has international shipping.

(4) Please tell us how your gacha import has affected your business. *In terms of sales, reception, clientele

Sales: Improved because I'm getting lots of people who want to get a specific item.
Clientele: Hasn't changed.
Other: Hasn't changed.

(5) What do you, as the importer, think about the gacha capsules?

It's easy to import since it's such a compact machine. I like that I can freely change the contents of the capsules.

(6) If you can, please tell usabout your customers' reaction to the gacha capsules.

They seem to like the look of a small vending machine, as quite a few of them like to use it more than once.



Products ordered by the customer in this case study

NameGacha Cube
Contents: Movie tickets, drink tickets, button pins
Capsule: 65 mm capsule (unspecified name)


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