The Secret to Kids Wanting to Come Back to the Dentist's Office

Facility name: Dentist
Term: From January of 2010


(1) What is the reason for your import? (What purpose will the gachapon serve?)

Children generally don't like being treated for cavities. I wanted improve their feelings towards going to the dentist.

(2) Why did you decide to use gachapon?

  • I wanted to give them something they like as a reward for going through the treatment and behaving
  • Children like gachagacha.

(3) Why did you decide to buy from Amuse?

This dentist I know told me they got gacha machine to improve their business, and after a little googling, I got one as soon as I could.

(4) Please tell us how your gacha import has affected your business. *In terms of sales, reception, clientele

Sales: Unknown.
Clientele: I think we have more repeat (regular) customers now. And I can now get other mothers to recommend my dentistry by word of mouth.
Other: Only children can use the gachagacha.

(5) What do you, as the importer, think about the gacha capsules?

As a dentist, I can keep treating my patients now.

(6) If you can, please tell usabout your customers' reaction to the gacha capsules.

When a child knows they can get a gacha at the end of the visit, they tend to say to their mother, "I like *this* dental clinic."



Products ordered by the customer in this case study

NameGacha Cube and GachaCop
Contents: Gacha for Boys & Girls
Capsule: A set of products with Gacha for Boys & Girls


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